How To Use Magick To Attract Wealth
A must-know scientific method of creating money spells that work every time.

A scientific approach to using magick to attract money, love and happiness easily and effortlessly. Information that will uncover the real deal behind spells, magick, law of attraction and hypnosis for manifestation of your desire. 

Learn how to create your own powerful money spells that work every time using a scientific technique that guarantees to manifest your wealth and even love easily and effortlessly.

From: Smitha Salma, metaphysic researcher, author of How To Use Magick To Attract Wealth


Dear spell seekers,

1. Are you looking around for money spells that really work for you?

2. Are you constantly paying a lot of money to spell casting services and sometimes with no result in return?

3. Do you want to be able to manifest the desire of having a lot of money all by yourself?

4. Have you ever wondered how magick, spells, law of attraction and hypnosis can be related with each other on the topic of manifesting your desire?

5. More importantly, do you want to change your financial situation completely and learn to create trends of wonderful things to happen in your life and take full control of your destiny?

If you answer yes to any of these, then you have found the answer and a real solution to end all your financial problems here.

“Hi, I’m writing to express my gratitude for Smita’s generosity and her willingness to share such good information on this powerful method that have helped to change my life forever. I have been practicing the methods taught in the book and I have to say that it is easier than what I thought what spell and witchcraft is about” Katarina, Canada.

Katarina, Canada.

A little introduction before we go further. I grew up in Asia, in a family where high expectations for financial success are highly pressured by family members, relatives and people around me. And like most people I had to first start join the bandwagon of 9 – 5 job doing something that have no interest of my heart at all while barely making ends meet. While in my job, I have been constantly looking for new ways to secure a better financial future and continuous learning in any subject that I come across to possibly improve my wealth, including a lot of metaphysic subjects.

The good thing about being in Asia is I’m constantly exposed to different western and eastern knowledge of all kinds. My mixed education and cultural background allowed me to be more receptive with different ideologies about metaphysic subjects that are considered as scientific and also superstitious to some. My passion of research and practice starts from astrology, to feng shui, to quantum physics, to hypnosis, to law of attraction and to magick.

With years of research and practice, I have finally found a way to CONSISTENLY manifest my desire easily and effortlessly.

Like me, you have probably been trying a lot of spells to create the wealth, love and happiness you want in life, but probably end up with no consistent results. Perhaps you’ve heard about the law of attraction and have read about The Secret. If you haven’t, you’ll learn how all of these that include hypnosis, magick, creating sigil and spells are related to each other and how all these knowledge are used for the same thing – manifestation of your desire.

This ebook combines a scientific and practical method to effectively and easily manifest the things you want in life in easy simple steps.

“I have read a lot of books and techniques on witchcraft and spells, but the author was able to pinpoint some of the problems often faced by practitioner and give some useful solutions to overcome it.”

Lam Sunn, Australia.

Now if you’ve heard about the law of attraction, you’ve probably been practicing good habits of positive thinking, however, you might wonder why some things takes so much time to manifest and why other things happen much quicker. I will explain what are the steps that can help to speed up your law of attraction and spell casting process, and I will share with you a scientific approach using magick to attract the things you want in your life. More importantly, I will unveil some of the problems that most people do not know about visualization and the right way of using emotions to manifest the result you want, but more on that later.

Years ago, I started with a very strong passion for metaphysic knowledge as many areas of my life were not working well, so I wanted to know more than ordinary knowledge can give. My wealth was heading downhill, so I was always motivated to buy a lot of self-help books and esoteric subjects that include many books about positive thinking, creating wealth, astrology, hypnosis, occult magick and many mind over matter subjects. I dwell upon many books that wrote about the power of subconscious mind. It took me a long time to gather all the knowledge to finally understand how all these subjects are relates to each other and to realize the true source of power within ourselves and the real methods to consistently create my destiny of successful wealth.

Back then, I practice different types of skill that include law of attraction, hypnosis, magick spell, feng shui and astrology. So I went through a lot of frustration of trial and error from time to time before I succeed with money. And if you were like me four years ago standing at the lowest point of life with the feeling of hopelessness, you’ll know there’s definitely some light that will shine on you. I was sure that there was definitely something that had to work. Deep in me I know there had to be a way out, there must be a solution that could solve the problems with money and my happiness.

“This book has given me a new perspective about metaphysics and has definitely helped me to improve my practice of magick  to the next level.”

Samantha, Canada

With all the work of trial and error of reading and practicing so many different disciplines, I was finally able to connect some significant ideas together, I discovered the ultimate method that work so well for me that my manifestation of my desire was so consistent. I am able to create my desired situations all the time. All situations become favorable to my side and happiness is on every aspect in my life. Ever since then, my understanding on the work magick, spell, witchcraft, law of attraction and hypnosis has changed completely. I am finally able to practically use it to manifest anything that I desire in life easily and effortlessly, and even helping manifesting desire of people around me.

I then shared the discovered methods with my family and friends who also practice the art of manifestation and I was glad to see success in each and every one of them who apply some easy changes in their practice of law of attraction, spells and hypnosis using my method. They were able to create great and fast success with money.

As I see a lot of people who practice the law of attraction, casting spell and hypnosis, I see many people who obtain only little results with it and many of them share the same mistakes I used to make during my early practice. So I decided to share my new ideas with people who want to improve their skills in manifestation and I also want empower people who usually choose to hire spell casting service to perform miracles in their life. I want people to understand that they are the secret and they are the source they are looking for. I want them to be able to manifest the things they want all by themselves, so I make sure that these ideas will be laid down in very simple steps.

So I finally wrote a book called How To Use Magick To Attract Wealth for those who want to attract money and even love in their lives easily and effortlessly with guaranteed results.

“This book has the content of almost everything I’ve read about the law of attraction, but I agree with her explanation on the fine-tuning process for manifestation that I would say is worth reading.” 

Joanna, United States.

This product not only teaches about how to create money spells that work, but it also teaches specific methods to perfect the art of manifestation and gives a deeper understanding of using the power of emotions, brain states and the power of detachment that are often not included in many other similar subjects or are often incomplete.

All techniques included in this ebook are the result of years of practice of successful manifestation that will give you a sure-fire way to get what you want in life. All ideas here have been empirically proven and will change your entire understanding about magick, spells, law of attraction and hypnosis, and when you really practice it you will be able to see money coming into your life easily and effortlessly.

In this money spells that work, you will discover all the questions you might have about spells, magick, law of attraction and hypnosis:-

• How to attract money without having any skills, job or experience.
• The understanding of prayer, meditation and brain state levels to enhance and speed up your manifestation process.
• How to create and control the emotions that you need to fuel up your visualization.
• How to use the power of detachment as the ultimate tool to speed up your manifestation process
• How to use affirmation the right way.
• How to increase your faith in your visualization over time to be more effective in your magick, spells and law of attraction.

Learn To Create Money Spells That Work Now

If you look around, you’ll realize that an average spell casting service could easily cost from $50 to thousands of dollar.

“This book gives me a new insight on how to improve the law of attraction. I never know there are more things behind the law of attraction until I read the book. It has definitely given me a boost of confidence to creating the reality that I want in life.”

Lee Wan Chun, Malaysia 

“I knew there was definitely more than what is shown in The Secret, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people who complains how the law of attraction has failed them. This is a good book to read.”

John Chin, Singapore

But what many people don’t realize is that they all have the ability to manifest their own reality and create a destiny of their desire. Some already know it is possible, but to not know how exactly they can create consistent result and some are taking too long time to manifest the wealth they desire. This ebook teaches you the steps to perfect your skills in creating spells and creating the financial situation that you desire.

The price for this ebook is $8, an amount that I decided to make sure it is more affordable than any spell casting service you’ve ever paid for and for any books that you’ve bought about manifestation subjects.

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Using law of attraction, hypnosis or magick spells, it is important to understand what does these skills have in common and what are the elements required for great success and speed for manifestation. Without truly understanding it, any desire will be hard or would take long time to see result.

I have come a long way through a lot of struggle to perfect the art of manifestation in my life. There have been many generous gurus, friends and people who have helped me along my way to believe more than what is obvious in this world. So I am utmost grateful of them and from this book, I wish to empower people with the ability to create their own destiny, to share with them the methods that are easy to follow as long as they can focus and imagine. I also want people to have a better understanding about how spell, witchcraft, law of attraction and other mind over matter subjects, and more importantly, by using the techniques in this book they should be able to create spells all by themselves.

“I know Smita in person and I really admire her passion in her study of metaphysics. It was her humbleness that first interests me to try her method. I got some pretty good result from using some of her recommendations in her book.” 

Daryl Mansur, Malaysia

I created this book as a result of all my practical experiences and from those people around the world who have had success with it. It’s important to remember that this is not just theory, but some practical methods to create results that one desire, and I have great faith by reading this book, many will discover knowledge that will take them to the next level of manifestation.

This book is also a dedication of all my passion in understanding how real wealth is actually made and more importantly about what human ability can really do. I write this book with a grateful heart as a way to reap my karma with the success that I have. I like to contribute my understanding and knowledge in this area of creating great wealth to those who have yet to discover the true potential of one-self and those really desire to have great wealth in life, not just average, but exceptional wealthy life that most only dare to dream of.

Some might ask, why sell an ebook if i really want to contribute, why not just give the information out for free? My reason is because there are too many free things over the internet and so many materials become so valueless that it doesn’t stand a chance to really get into your mind because you would perceive it as too ‘easy’, too ‘simple’ and too ‘cheap’ and not believing in anything you read will actually work. Therefore, many people lack FAITH. “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6) so nothing will work. I strongly encourage you to buy this book only when you have great faith in it as an answer to your prayer that you have been searching for. Without faith in anything, nothing will work even if I give you one thousand methods to create miracles.

The steps written here have worked for me and many other people with great success, and it will definitely work for you. But before you buy, you must have faith and you must practice it! The book is sold only at $8 dollars, which is just a random number in my mind just to make sure it is ‘valuable enough’ for you to remember you spent some dime on a book from an author you’ve never heard before and you better not waste your dime and give it a try. The Chinese also believe that the number eight is a lucky number as they associate the word eight with the meaning “growth in wealth”. So I wish you will grow your faith in this book and the faith in yourself as you read and your wealth in life as the ultimate result from practicing the methods outlined in this book.


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Improve your life now by unlocking this powerful knowledge to create money spells that work for you and have great success in life.

Learn all these now:-

 Learn to create and cast your money spells that work so easily, anyone can do it.
 Create trends for your destiny, be it for your wealth, love and happiness.
 Learn how to be the master of your own destiny.
 Learn how to create favorable situations that you desire in life.
 Learn the proven method to significantly speed up your practice of manifestation.
 Learn how to control your emotions and focus to perfect your art of manifestation.
 Learn the power of detachment to easily and effortlessly manifest your desire.


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